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Tribes – International Textile Exhibition

10 January – 1 April 2024

The International Textile Exhibition is back with new work from around the world. Tribes is the inspiration for the work entered into the competition from internationally renowned textiles artists. There is a stunning array of figurative and abstract work reflecting elements such as culture, values, goals, and family. This exhibition features the 30 finalists from all over the world working in many different styles and creative techniques.
Farfield Mill is just part of this exciting international 10-month touring exhibition featuring galleries, museums and quilting events in countries including Brazil, Japan and Australia.

Invisible Angela MINAUDO Italy

Border Sylwia IGNATOWSKA Poland

Farmers Band Music, Prayer for Good Harvest Jayeun SHIN South Korea

Alpadtrieb (Autumn Cattle drive) Adelheid RISI Switzerland

Royal Family and Lowest Class Miyoung PARK South Korea

Slavic Mushroom Pickers Magdalena GĄSOWSKA Poland

Inuit Lia MEIBORG Netherlands

A Fox was there … Sami Land Irina MALYUKOVA Finland

A Starlight Night in Seoul Hyunjung SONG South Korea

Quo Vadis Marzenna LEW Poland

America Morena Estela MOTA Brazil

Todos los caminos Ilevan a Roma La Olmeda (All roads lead to Rome) Marta MORÁN POZA

Symphonie du vivant (Symphony of the living) Claudia GARIN Luxembourg

Shipibo Tapestry Marisa MARQUEZ USA

DNA Primitivo Ana C NUÑEZ Costa Rica

Fishing Island Ahuva LIBMAN Israel

Reminiscent of Indians II Aeran KIM South Korea

Ma Tribu Enchantee Virginie PEYRE France

Wish Sungyoen PARK South Korea

Striped Ethnic Quilt Gabrielle PAQUIN France

Origenes Maria Eugenia CORBELLA Spain

A Ran de Mar Eva GUSTEMS Spain

Three-Legged Crow in the Sun Kyung Ah CHO South Korea

Native Woman Isabel MUÑOZ Spain

Ubuntu (Personality) Elaine BARNARD South Africa

Present Compose Sylvie RUAMPS France

Riche de mes Origins (Rich in my origins) Coralie QUIRIET France

The Shaman Bara BARTOSOVA Czech Republic

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