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Hattersley Domestic Loom

Hattersley Domestic Loom

This loom is a Hattersley Scotch and India Mk1 domestic foot power 6×1 circular box loom. This type of loom was made after WW1 and the peak of production was 1926.
This loom is probably a mid-1920s loom used first by a Welsh crofter. Until finally making its way to Farfield Mill.

The Hattersley Domestic loom was designed by George Hattersley and Sons in Keighley. This compact treadle operated loom could be used in domestic settings in remote locations to weave semi-commercial lengths of fabric, usually supplying local woollen and weaving mills.

It was designed to replace wooden handlooms and increase the speed at which the weaver could produce cloth. It is similar in construction to a power loom, but powered by the weaver using peddles.

Many of these looms ended up in the Scottish Isles, particularly Lewis and Harris where they became the mainstay of the Harris Tweed industry. The first thirty looms arrived in the Outer Hebrides in 1919, providing returning WW1 soldiers with rehabilitation and a means of earning a living.

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