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Monolith - Gina Tawn

Monolith – Gina Tawn

11 October – 23 December 2023

This body of work focuses on moments of reflection in the natural landscape during deep Winter. Gina explores how there is a resonance and intrigue to be found in a deceptively dormant landscape during the colder months of the year.

This exhibition is collection of oil paintings and drawings and is an ongoing project of understanding natural from one individual’s perspective.

This work is driven by the landscape surrounding her home of The Yorkshire Dales and exploring The Lake District. Gina spends time walking, sometimes in darkness with the headtorch or the moonlight. She finds there is primeval intensity in the landscape in the last light of the day, and her own vulnerability to the landscape are strong narratives which she draws upon in this body of work.

Gina feels that this exhibition will help show how the natural landscape in deep Winter can be a compelling, intense emotional experience which has been forgotten but can be found through understanding.

Ancient Steps – Gina Tawn

Halo – Gina Tawn

Lichen – Gina Tawn

Moss Leg Warmers – Gina Tawn

The Sound of… – Gina Tawn

The Tomb – Gina Tawn

Winter Solstice – Gina Tawn

Within – Gina Tawn

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