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Ghyll, Grike & Glyph - Gina Tawn and Ann Evans

Ghyll, Grike & Glyph – Gina Tawn and Ann Evans

3 April 2024 – 7 July 2024

Inspired by the wild and beautiful Northern Fells and a shared history of drawing from life, local artists Gina Tawn and Ann Evans collaborate to make a new collection of work.

The work considers and explores the human and mythological connections perceived in landforms; concepts of transformation and the textures of time.

Ann and Gina paint, draw, print and write, creating images that tell a rich, poetic story.

Gina Tawn

This body of work is investigated through the mediums of pencil, charcoal and chalk. Rarely are these mediums used in my final pieces, but usually my preliminary work. However, for these particularly subject matters of raw limestone, weather beaten trees, mosses and lichens clinging into eroded grykes in exposed environments, these mediums felt like they come nearest to casting a true light on these subjects.

I live in the Dales and spend as much time as I can exploring seemingly familiar territory yet every time I find new paths, forgotten grykes and overlooked rock life. This ever-changing landscape brings me back time and again, and this set of work is certainly a theme which will feed into my future work whether it is deliberate or not.

These particular works are very loosely based on the book trilogy Gormenghast which, to me, took on so many illustrative qualities I see in the Dales limestone Ghyll ,Gryke & Glyphs.

Gina Tawn

Hell Ghyll Bright Carvings – Gina Tawn

Gormenghast Glyphs – Gina Tawn

Ann Evans

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and live and work in Settle on the edge of incredible limestone country.

I love the coast, fells and dales, the wildest parts of the North and find endless inspiration here. For ‘Ghyll, Gryke & Glyph’, I’ve made a collection of carefully observed work that reflects these places and tells of transformation.

I search for interesting patterns and create meaning from encounters, finding forms that trigger the imagination, especially when light is low in winter, at dusk, dawn or in moonlight. For example, a fallen tree on Giggleswick Scar becomes a dragon taking flight. Cracks in weathered limestone escarpment suggest runes or other symbols.

In the studio, working from life, the human body transforms, suggesting an aspect of landscape, deepening a sense of connection with the Earth. This shared human tendency to seek and find meaning fascinates me.

I studied creative arts (specialising in painting) and education at Charlotte Mason College in Cumbria. I continue to learn and develop a life-long practice.

Winter Ghyll – Ann Evans

Green Woman – Ann Evans

Gordale Mist – Ann Evans

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