Vicki Malley

Vicki Malley has been a keen crafter from childhood. She achieved City and Guilds qualifications in textiles and clothing manufacturing after leaving school. Since then, over the years, Vicki has experimented with many forms of craft. These range from knitting and crochet, to needlepoint, cross stitching and embroidery, to appliqué and patchwork. Quilling and quilting are also crafts which she has produced.
From college Vicki went on to work as a pattern cutter for a number of years, then moving into home furnishings, loose cover making and light upholstery. More recently Vicki has been experimenting with felting, this combines her love of sheep and the natural fibre of wool being her favourite textile. Here at Farfield Mill she has produced her own range of wool crafts from small objects such as brooches to larger ones such as rugs.
Vicki is now collaborating with her husband Carl’s art business to compliment each other in their mutual love of all things Art and Craft. Please come and visit us in our studio and see us at work to watch how we transform anything from a blank canvas to a ball of yarn!