Farfield Mill



Laura's Looms

For the past ten years I have focused my weaving practice on designing and creating scarves and throws using locally sourced wool.  Living in the Yorkshire Dales where there are more sheep than people it seemed an obvious step for a weaver who loves to work with natural fibres.  I source the wool from farms in the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria, from where it is sent on a journey through the heartland of the old British woollen industry.   From Bradford to Galashiels I work with a network of scourers, spinners, dyers, weavers and cloth finishers to produce first the yarn and then the final products. All of the initial sampling of designs and colours is carried out by me on my wooden handlooms.  Simple classic designs, subtle colours, and fine woollen fabrics are the hallmarks of my creations.


Inbetween all the jobs entailed in running a small business I make time to weave bespoke pieces from a wide array of fibres. I love the process of winding a warp, setting up a loom, throwing the shuttle and weaving a fabric.  Holding a cloth that I have designed and woven from start to finish gives me a sense of deep satisfaction.  I weave to commission as well as exploring my own ideas, which might be influenced by anything from a drystone wall, a stream rushing down a hillside, sedges on a wet day or reflections in a still lake.  

Take a look at my website to read more about my journey with wool: www.laurasloom.co.uk