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International Textile Exhibition – Through the Seasons

11 January – 27 February 2019 

The coldness of winter, the mildness of spring, the sun of summer or the shades of the fall.

This year’s theme ‘Through the Seasons’ has been interpreted by each artist in a different way, with works focusing on one season, changing seasons and even the seasons of human lives, represented through realism or abstract colour and form.

All the pieces in the exhibition were originally entered into a textile competition held in the prestigious annual ‘Carrefour du Patchwork Meeting’, which is hosted each September in Alsace, France, close to the birthplace of the Amish people who are renowned for their stunning patchwork quilts.

Techniques on display include patchworking, hand and machine quilting, embroidery, applique, painting, hand-stitching using textiles as varied as metallic wool, tulle, chiffon, felt, silk and linen.


Much More Than Meets The Eye! - James Owen Thomas

1 March - 28 April 2019

James is a new young artist who creates his art from things other cast aside.

‘From an early age, I always preferred to see litter in bins rather than it is spoiling the countryside, parks and seashore. I later realised how some of it can be recycled and this developed into a special interest exploring my own ideas in art. I began finding a use for brightly-coloured scratch cards that had been thrown away. Now I am pleased to say that some local businesses save them for me. I make them into pictures and sometimes combine them with paper wrappings or beachcombed items etc.’

James Owen Thomas (J.O.T.) 


Forgotten Landscapes, Hidden Secrets - Andrew Burns Colwill

1 March – 7 May

A painting exhibition from Bristol based Andrew.

‘From stony riverbanks, ageless roots and mossy blankets rise minerals, meadows and gentle slopes supporting mighty peaks dotted with silver dwellings and streaked with grey stone walls. A timeless landscape rich in history, forgotten stories and hidden secrets.’



Exhibiting at Farfield

We welcome submissions from artists (individuals or groups) for Dover Gallery, Howgill Gallery and our smaller 2K Gallery. Our aim is to offer a stimulating and diverse programme throughout the year.

In the first instance we ask potential exhibitors to supply a proposal with sample images. We give consideration to all proposals submitted, but please be aware that we receive more applications than we are able to accept.

Submissions can be sent to Jo Mowbray manager@farfieldmill.org or for further information please contact 015396 21973


See also: Workshops / Events