Farfield Mill

Chrissie Day

I cannot remember a time before knitting, a time when yarn did not run through my fingers and feature in my life.

I was 4 when I first was recorded holding needles and knitting along with my darling grandmother who taught me all she knew about fibres.

I knitted through childhood, got a badge in guides for it, knitted through teenage years through long hours of night duty as a student nurse, through many countries as I travelled ,through long lonely evenings and sad times, and also through happy happy times and events, through my children’s childhoods and now into knitting and felting and being published.

I was then introduced to felt making and enjoyed the challenge with the fibres, and it was not long before I was knitting in increased sizing simply to felt down to the needed size. So many trials followed as patterns were redefined, trials of yarns done.The I discovered laid felting with the fibres and another adventure started.

My inspiration is always nature and certain architecture that graps my attention as I travel, whether it be the new prize-winning architecture or a peeling painted door in Greece or Spain, my garden is always inspirational in every season.

Choice of colours and yarns is always hard,I love experimenting and adding other fibres in and push the medium combining with other materials and techniques in unusual ways.

Knitting and felting are addictive yet calming and will help you be at one with the ups and downs of life, let it into your life and enjoy the journey.

I think if my stitches were tears I would have knitted an ocean by now but equally much of my work is interlaced with soft memories and golden times of the past worked in to every stitch binding the garment together just as in felt making, memories are worked in.

Whether teaching at home or abroad or doing master classes or watching children as they realise they can knit or felt, each is a treasure.

Chrissie is the Author of Wire Jewelry, Felt Style, Quick Crochet, Cozy Socks, Cozy Hot water bottle covers, Hats for all seasons, Scarves and shawls, From Felt to Friendship and  Nuno Felt

For more information about Chrissie Day or to buy her work online please visit www.chrissieday.co.uk

Chrissy is in her studio most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting).