Farfield Mill

Keith Barber - Rug Maker

A few years ago, I looked into my family tree. I got it back to Joseph Denton, born in 1700 and a weaver. To my surprise most of my ancestors up until modern times were weavers. This set me off on a voyage of discovery which has resulted, many years later, in Gneiss Rugs. The rugs are made on a handmade peg loom. This is one of the oldest forms of weaving. Everything is done by hand, the only electricity used is for the lights and the cups of tea! The rugs are made from selvedge. When Scottish highland tweed is cut from the loom, strips left are gathered and called selvedge. Thus, Gneiss Rugs are made from the very best quality woollen highland tweed! My source is based on the island of Lewis. I do not treat the rugs with any chemicals whatsoever. The only other material used is the warp thread. This is the strong thread that runs through the rugs and holds the tweed in place. I use Nutscene twines, the best quality twine I could find. Manufactured in Scotland still using the original machinery since 1922. A natural jute product produced from sustainable sources for over 90 years. The style of the weaving is heavily influenced by the textile artist June Emerson and is based on the gneiss rock formations which can be found on the Scottish islands. Different sized bands of colours imitating nature’s natural beauty. Each rug is individually priced and no two have ever been the same. I hope you enjoy your rug for many years to come.