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Photographers of the North West

30 August - 14 October

This collaborative exhibition will be showing work from 6 north west photographers with a range of subjects and styles.

Bill Lowis

Bill is a very keen amateur photographer although He has had a stall at Sedbergh Artisan Market for several years where he sells a few local pictures. He has lived in Sedbergh for the past forty years and love the local landscape from where he gets most of his inspiration. He takes photographs of anything from anywhere but most of them seem to have The Howgills, The Settle Carlisle Railway or Killington Lake in them. He has been taking photograph's as long as he can remember though he did not get really serious until he retired ten years ago. 

Dylan Reynolds

Dylan is originally from the Midlands, moving to Cumbria in 2001, partly for a career move and partly for the stunning landscapes. Now living in Sedbergh, he produces portraits and wedding shoots for others, but still shoots landscapes for himself and sharing via Sedbergh in pictures. You will find his images contain water, reflections and the light from the extreme ends of the day on a regular basis.

Matt Gartside

Matt is originally from Saddleworth and developed his first pictures at 12 years old. After a digression with engineering he became a professional photographer 20 years ago. He still puts his engineering skills to good use by doing his own framing using reclaimed wood such as oak floorboards. The core of his work in the past has been commissioned documentary photography and video. Nowadays he is concentrating on his own art photography. His beautifully composed and painterly photographs are much admired.

Peter Wiseman

Peter Wiseman is a keen and talented camera user and has many years’ experience in creative photography employing a variety of media and using his images to complement his creative writing.

He describes himself as a photographic artist, with his camera as a means of gathering images for artistic use, rather than a photographer using a camera just to record what is in front of the lens.

He views the world differently through his camera lens, with an eye for material inspired by a thought which can be manipulated to create images that convey an idea in a striking and thought-provoking way.

Susannah Harpham

Having gained her Photography Degree at Blackpool and Fylde College in 1994, Susannah initially worked as an assistant to a Manchester Fashion Photographer from which she gained valuable experience in the commercial world of Photography. She chose to set up her own business with the help of The Prince's Trust, in 1996 and has produced a wide variety of work, mostly people orientated, including weddings, commercial, model portfolios and portraiture.

She relocated with her family to Cumbria over eight years ago and with all the stunning scenery surrounding her was inspired to develop her creative Art Photography, including digital retouching/manipulation of images of landscapes. She often produces images which are her unique interpretation and vision of reality. She aims to evoke an emotion from her imagery.

Dave Smith

Dave does not consider himself to be a photographer but rather a traveller through a variety of landscapes, of which he takes photographs.

He finds that by far the most moving of these are in the Scottish Islands where the shades and colours of the land, the sea and the sky intermingle and are in a state of flux. If you are in one place on the islands for a few hours you will observe a constantly changing vista as the clouds roll in from the skyline, often accompanied by silvery light or brooding darkness. The Scottish Islands are often misunderstood and maligned with dire tales of midges, persistent rain and gales.


Hideyuki Sobue

11 September - 4 November

The Japanese term “sanpo” means walk, stroll, ramble, and wander. It is not a walk for the walk’s sake, but for the sake of spiritual health, as it were, meditative act in our daily life. In his wander Wordsworth immortalized the experience of an encounter with a daffodil field in his poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”. The lover of nature, Beethoven made a point of taking a walk in the woods every day for his musical inspiration. It is during “sanpo” that Sobue often encounters stunning scenes in light and shade, finds beautiful objects he never noticed before, and has some flash of inspiration for creativity. For this exhibition, Sobue explores the essence of his personal experience in “sanpo” by assembling the fragment of images of which he was inspired, through which he pondered the existential meaning along the lines of art history. The exhibition consists of the new body of work alongside some of previous artworks he produced appropriate to the theme. This is a series of his visual monologue that Sobue has explored in his artistic everyday life ever since he settled in the Lake District.


Mats and More - Lunesdale Rag Ruggers

4 -14 October

This display on level 4 celebrates the craft of Rag Rugging by the local Rag Rugging group Lunesdale Rag Ruggers. Showcasing a selection of traditional and contemporary designs and styles.

From Fell to Fabulous - The Wool Clip

17 October – 25 November

The Wool Clip is a collective of spinners, dyers, rug makers, knitters, crocheters, weavers and felt makers, as well as designers and farmers. They work as a co-operative, enabling them to run their shop as a social enterprise.

From Fell to Fabulous is described as "A journey with wool as the common thread: from humble origins on the fells, incorporating skill, innovation and flair, all the way to the fabulous."


Design in the Dales - The Heart of the Mill

7 November - 1 January

Design in the Dales will showcase work from 20 resident artists their work ranges from textiles, weaving, painting, textile-art, felting, knitting, jewellery design and much more.

Their group is described as the Heart of the Mill as this vibrant community of people, design and create here in the Mill.

Colour Notes - Studio 21

 27 November – 6 January

‘‘Colour Notes” is an exploration of how each Studio 21 artist expresses and interprets their own response to colour through narratives and memories.

Deliberately open-ended, this theme inspired searching and thought-provoking responses. Each artist individually explored and challenged their personal use of colour.  Theory books were relegated to the background, ensuring that each piece was worked reflexively and intuitively.

Instead of a riot of colour, the exhibition comprises a broad range of hues and tones in a varied imagery of space, light and shadow. All of the pieces represent searching and thought-provoking responses to the effect of colour on each artist's life and practice.

Exhibiting at Farfield

We welcome submissions from artists (individuals or groups) for Dover Gallery, Howgill Gallery and our smaller 2K Gallery. Our aim is to offer a stimulating and diverse programme throughout the year.

In the first instance we ask potential exhibitors to supply a proposal with sample images. We give consideration to all proposals submitted, but please be aware that we receive more applications than we are able to accept.

Submissions can be sent to Jo Mowbray manager@farfieldmill.org or for further information please contact 015396 21973


See also: Workshops / Events