Farfield Mill


Betty Brown - The Shape of Colour

9 May - 26 June

Betty has a fascination for pattern, both in collage, painting and textile work. This compulsion to use colour is what drives her, but for her the process of using colour to make either paintings or textiles works is very demanding and full of doubt. However when a piece of work is finished she finds great satisfaction in seeing its component marks or pieces give way to a sense of a unified whole. Betty is inspired by many makers and artists including Yayoi Kusama, Hans Coper, Bernard Leach, Mark Rothko, Daniel Gordon, Juan Miro, Paul Klee, Cornelia Parker and of course Picasso.

Nostalgia - Decorum

23 May - 30 June

An exciting textile and mix media exhibition from Christine Stanford, Priscilla Edwards Val Jackson and Helen Walsh.

Decorative embellishment has been used for thousands of years and signifies our love of freedom and the celebration of humankind. The exhibition will feature a range of materials including traditional fibre including wool, felt, silk and a range of paper, wire and stitch.

The watercolour Paintings of Edward Frankland

28 June – 1 July

Edward Frankland [1884-1958], painted local landscapes in Watercolours from 1930 to 1941. He also created pen and ink drawings of buildings, including the Kendal Yards. This exhibition aims to discover the location of the paintings, as many are untitled.

Most were painted in Ravenstonedale, Sedbergh and Loch Awe in Argyllshire.

E.M. Lafuente – Landscapes of the Mind

4 July - 28 August

Elisa paintings are inspired by the landscapes of northern England, while mixing Mediterranean colours of her background. To paint is her inner need to look for balance and harmony both within her and in the picture. She allows this process to continually develop, letting the painting talk to her, listening and trying not to interfere too much while searching for the point that is just in balance between the painting and herself. When this happens, it is a delight that both fills and empties space at the same time.



Ann C. Haslam - Beyond 4 Walls

17 July - 4 September

Ann is developing new concepts using natural and manufactured materials to explore and express her ideas. In these latest pieces, she expands colour relationships and the qualities of light absorption and reflection in order to stimulate surface movement. Her approach utilises and manipulates the assemblage of an extensive range of threads though a highly labour-intensive process in which, in most cases, a work takes several months to reach completion.

From Fell to Fabulous- Woolclip

17 October – 25 Novemeber

Woolclip are a collective of spinners, dyers, rug makers, knitters, crocheters, weavers and felt makers, as well as designers and farmers. They work as a co-operative, enabling them to run their shop as a social enterprise.

From Fell to Fabulous is described as "A journey with wool as the common thread: from humble origins on the fells, incorporating skill, innovation and flair, all the way to the fabulous."

Colour Notes - Studio 21

 27 November – 6 January

‘‘Colour Notes” is an exploration of how each Studio 21 artist expresses and interprets their own response to colour through narratives and memories.

Deliberately open-ended, this theme inspired searching and thought-provoking responses. Each artist individually explored and challenged their personal use of colour.  Theory books were relegated to the background, ensuring that each piece was worked reflexively and intuitively.

Instead of a riot of colour, the exhibition comprises a broad range of hues and tones in a varied imagery of space, light and shadow. All of the pieces represent searching and thought-provoking responses to the effect of colour on each artist's life and practice.

Hideyuki Sobue

11 September - 4 November

Hideyuki Sobue, lives and works in the Lake District, UK. He graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Japan (awarded a scholarship). His art practice is focused on painting and drawing, exploring how to derive the maximum technical and conceptual potential from those practices.