Farfield Mill

Let's Share Farfield Mill

We need to raise 365,000 to ensure the future of our Mill

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Farfield Mill is a unique place that astounds people from all over the world. If you've enjoyed superb exhibitions, weaving demonstrations and craft displays, please help us so you and your children can continue to visit us in the future.

Two years ago a strengthened Board of Trustees began the process of change. The new Board, together with a team of dedicated staff, volunteers and Resident Artists have had great results so far and our visitor numbers have increased.

However, in order to survive we have converted from a charitable company to a charitable Community Benefit Society (or CBS). This allows us to raise funds by selling shares to put us on a sustainable footing for the future.

A CBS is a new kind of co-operative that operates for the benefit of the community - it is a democratic organisation run by its members.

You can become a member by investing in community shares. Each member has an equal say regardless of how much they invest. The minimum amount you can invest is 50. 

So far we have raised over 228,000 but we need to reach our minimum of 300,000 to ensure the Mill stays open. The Mill's future is in our hands, please help us to save it.

Let's Share Farfield Mill