Farfield Mill

Witney Blanket Loom

This 300-year-old prized possession can be found within the Heritage display on Level 2. It has a flying shuttle and is one of the earliest of its type, invented during the Industrial Revolution. Standing at over 9 feet in height, it is an impressive example of a blanket loom which originated at the beginning of blanket making in Witney, Oxfordshire. Witney blankets are now world famous.

It is a timber framed four heddle hand loom and has been used to weave horse collar check and woollen blankets since 1702. A flying shuttle mechanism was added around 1800. It is also one of the earliest Industrial Revolution Inventions.

Donated by The Early's Archive Trust, which was established to ensure that certain items which were in possession of Early's of Witney were not lost when the company changed hands. The company closed in 2002 and the loom was offered to Farfield Mill.