Farfield Mill

Farfield Mill Weaving Friends

Farfield Mill Weaving Friends are a small group of weavers and spinners who enjoy the opportunity to work on a variety of looms, share their experiences and learn from others. 

We weave our own projects and rotate around the looms to share out their various positive (and quirky) attributes. As the number of restored looms has increased we have been able to start offering the opportunity to ‘new’ weavers to come and work on a project over a 3 month period (or complete a shorter ‘weaving residency’).

At least one of us will be at the Mill demonstrating weaving on Mondays and Wednesdays.

We enjoy talking to the visitors and explaining the processes so please do not hesitate to talk to us and ask questions. We are happy to share what we are doing and find it very useful to talk about our ideas with visitors.

We are aware that some of the mill visitors are weavers or spinners and/or have connections with these crafts so all comments and ideas are most welcome.

We try and leave information with the looms about our current weaving projects to give an idea about what we are trying to achieve which we hope is useful when we are not around in person to explain.