Farfield Mill

Current Exhibitions

The Embroiderers Guild - Capabilty and Creativity

17 June - 30 July

Just over 300 years after his death, the creativity of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown is finally coming to Cumbria. We will be hosting an exhibition by members of the Embroiderers Guild. The Guild is the national home of stitch and textile art and the international voice for embroidery. Last year it celebrated the 300th anniversary of ‘Capability’s’ birth with a truly magnificent collection of work inspired by the talent of this extraordinary, radical landscape designer.

Durham Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers- Chinese Whispers

17 June – 30 July

This exhibition uses the idea of passing on one idea to the next to generate new and interesting creations. The task was simple enough…..”A completed textile of 30 x 30 cm to fit a frame of 50 x 50 cm, based on a photograph of the preceding piece within 6 weeks –  sending a photograph on to the next volunteer in line” Easy!!

No one was allowed to reveal or discuss their work until April this year.

The guild took as their starting point a beautiful stain glass window from Durham Cathedral. 

The window was designed by Mark Angus and was dedicated on 2nd May 1984. The design is based on the image of the Last Supper – The table (in red) with the apostles (multi-coloured) connects heaven (blue) and earth (green), all surrounded by God (Purple). The glass used was from Hartley Woods of Sunderland.  You will notice there are thirteen frames, which represent the thirteen places at the table and so the journey begins…..

Paisley Panels- Contributions from Embroiderers Guild members and young members from all over Scotland

The Paisley Panels were first displayed in Paisley Town Hall at the Scottish Regional Day in 2016. They are a celebration of the great textile heritage of the town of Paisley; weaving, spinning, dyeing and thread making. Each piece of paisley pattern was contributed by members of the Embroiderers guilds in Scotland. These were gathered together and mounted to create the beautiful final four panels you can see on display here at the Mill.