Farfield Mill

Laura Rosenzweig

Laura has been weaving for more than 15 years.  She designs a wide variety of scarves and throws, playing with colours and textures inspired by her Yorkshire Dales home and travels abroad.  She loves to weave with silk and merino wool combinations, finding the resulting handle of the fabric to be delightful and suitable for those who find wool a little itchy!  Creating interesting textures through weave structure is a great love, and Laura uses techniques such as double weave and differential shrinkage to create ripples and folds in her fabrics which reflect the inspirational landscapes of nature.

"I find enormous pleasure in the woody crinkled detail of tree bark, the solidity and bold forms of drystone walls, the myriad of colours on a pebble beach. My work is increasingly a reflection of the things I have seen and the places I have been lucky enough to visit for long enough to find a special magic in them." Laura Rosenzweig

Laura places a lot of emphasis on creating fabrics which suit their purpose and designs which are striking and stand out in a crowd. She weaves scarves which are soft and warm for winter, or light and airy for summer nights. Her throws are distinctive, one-off and unrepeatable, incorporating a wide range of yarns and unexpected colours. Occasionally she works to commission to create something totally different, such as woven paper panels to decorate a set of wardrobe doors.

Laura also produces The Howgill Range, an exclusive collection of throws and scarves woven from locally sourced wools.  90% of Laura's wool is sourced from hill farms within 10 miles of Sedbergh, and some of her throws are woven on Farfield Mill's old Dobcross looms.  A full selection of her products can always be found at the Mill or on her website:  www.laurasloom.co.uk