Farfield Mill

Weavers Cafe: From 1st June 2017 We are making a number of changes to our menus at Farfield Mill, and hope to be able to offer you some new, and exciting choices as soon as possible.

Until that time, we will be offering you: - a fabulous range of new tray bakes, Fruit scones and jam - with or without delicious Clotted Cream, our ever-popular toasted tea cake and a choice of teas, coffees, chocolate and chilled drinks.

Opening Hours :-11am- 3pm Monday - Friday  11am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Sedbergh Food Festival 12th-18th June

‘From the Mill Owners Table’

Two slices of Lock Bank Farm Matured Cheese

A hearty slice of Nina’s Bread from 3 Hares Bakery,with Butter

A portion of delicious Chutney

Green mixed salad



Why not try it with a glass of Fitzpatricks amazing sparkling ‘Temperance’ cordial.  Non-alcoholic, award winning, and, it is said, most beneficial to the constitution.