Farfield Mill

2014 Exhibitions

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8 Nov - 4 Jan - Howgill Gallery

Trident Textiles - Pieces of Eight

Group exhibition by Barrow in Furness based textile group Trident Textiles (formally Trident Stitchers)


11 Oct - 16 Nov - 2K

Lisa Slater - Mechanical Mules and More - An exhibition of Automata

Lisa’s work follows two themes. Enhancing old objects of interest to become automaton and Mechanical Mules

11 Oct - 4 Jan - Dover Gallery

Tania Sneesby - Through the Magic Door

Through The Magic Door is an exhibition which will take you through the magic portal into the fair land of your childhood books, embodying the wonder of fairy tales, traditional stories and nursery rhymes.

22 Nov - 4 Jan - 2K

Bound Together - Mixed Media and Book Art

BOUND TOGETHER are a group of mixed media artists and book makers who have evolved over the past eight years during their time spent on Contemporary Textile and Book Making courses.