Farfield Mill

2016 Exhibitions

John Maher- Nobody's Home

Baby Blue

Sat 16 April- Sun 5 June

John Maher is best known as the former drummer of the punk band Buzzcocks. Since 2002, Maher has been living on the Isle of Harris. His sublime and haunting photo series Nobody's Home documents deserted croft houses in the Outer Hebrides. These abandoned croft houses lie scattered throughout the isles in suspended animation. They contain traces of people who used to live there many decades age, but the identities of these indiviuals have often been consigned to oblivion. The empty houses are 'as synonymous with these island as the vast sandy beaches, coastal machair and prehistoric standing stones'.




Mandy Coates - Baskets

Mandy Coates works within a noble tradition of basket making, rooted in time, place and function. Even her most decorative pieces have their origin in traditional forms which have evolved to be the optimum shape and size for particular uses. Her work ranges from wholesomely sturdy rectangular log baskets, shopping baskets, apple trays, to more recent forms which incorporate non-functional decorative features.

For Mandy, the process of making baskets is deeply grounded in environment, lifestyle and world view, an holistic practice rooted in the landscape which surrounds her, and which provides her with colour structure, material and inspiration. Making is now not a pastime, not even a vocation; it is an entirely immersive way of life.

Alison Scott - The Moments in Between

12 May to 8 June 2016 

A colourful and entertaining exhibition by Manchester and Salford based painter and printmaker Alison Scott: this is about ordinary people coming and going, waiting and whiling away time. The characters are caught in moments between events - moments that are often more valuable than the things  that happen in life. these people may be a little odd but they are also oddly familiar. Come and meet them and enjoy their stories, thoughts, wishes and dreams. they will make you smile.