Farfield Mill

2015 Exhibitions

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Exhibitions 2015

10th Oct - 15th Nov extended to 3 Jan

Captured Moments - Caren & Peter Threlfall

Husband and Wife Caren and Peter - team up for this exciting, vibrant and colourful exhibition.

21st Nov - 5th Jan

Printworks- Cow Lane Printmakers from Hot Bed Press

PrintWorks is an exhibition showcasing the artwork of a number of Print Artists from across the North West who currently work together at Hot Bed Press in Salford undertaking the Complete Printmaker Course.

21 Nov- 3 Jan

Material Matters - Elemental

Material matters is as collective works which reflects how the group work with different materials in their own ways to. their creations range from functional: such as bags, scarves, cushions and rugs to decorative; wall hangings, framed pieces and sculptural works