Farfield Mill

2016 Exhibitions

Hardhome Embroidery - 'Game of Thrones White Walker'

This three dimensional ‘embroidery’ measuring 11ft by 18ft depicts the mythical figure of the White Walker at the start of the Battle of Hardhome and showcases the art of hand embroidery in all its glory.  Commissioned by the American producers of   ‘Game of Thrones’ from the Embroiderer’s Guild and the Royal School of Needlework it took more than 30,000 hours to complete and involved 50 guilds throughout the country.

The variety of embroidery skills involved is extraordinary and includes digital print, surface stitchery, machine embroidery, metal thread work, beading, appliqué and quilting. 

The ‘Hardhome Embroidery’  is at Farfield Mill from Tuesday, 13 September until Sunday 2nd October with an exhibition  of photographs of its design and construction.  Following an appearance in London it returns on Wednesday 12 October closing on Saturday 5 November.  The date of a talk by Anthea Godfrey, Embroiderers’ Guild Artistic Director and Project Leader to be announced.