Farfield Mill

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Gina Tawn and Penny Hunt -Sgeir

6 - 8 April 2018

Gina Tawn

Gina is a printmaker and painter who since graduating in June 2017 has been re-building her skills in drawing, oil painting and printmaking processes etching and aquatint. Gina’s interest lies in focusing on particular elements in her work such as tone and form. She hopes that this will give strength to the subjects concerning solidity in structure. This can be seen featuring strongly in her charcoal drawings and Monotypes of landscapes. In her oil paintings she uses colour sparingly in order to focus on the colours unique qualities.

Walking is a strong feature in Gina’s practice as it is the first steps to gathering ideas and thoughts in sketches. Many of the pieces in this exhibition have been developed from drawings made on walks or lengthy still life/ life drawing compositions in the studio. The many stages of drawings helps Gina to understand the depth of her subject and to find new ways of interrogation in her practice.


Penny Hunt

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Penny’s studio gives wide open windswept views of mountains, moorlands and mist; her work is about the little things that make up that landscape of freedom, the places where you feel the full force of wind and weather and find some perspective on life. Being drawn to the sea she paints regularly from the coast, preferring rocky coastlines and rougher seas where she can spend hours watching the water move over and between obstacles. By painting directly on the shoreline seaweed, sand and spray are windblown into the work creating texture and atmosphere. Layers are later built up back in the studio, worked from memories and sketches, never photographs which remove the immediacy of the feel of the place.


Jimmy Aitkinhead - Textiles

6-27 March 2018

A long-time artist and respected teacher at the Queensland University of Technology in his younger years, Jim Aitkenhead has been exhibiting his unique lino block art since 1986 and has been involved in exhibitions in Scotland, London and the US as well as Queensland.

His textiles are inspired by marine fossils, botanica and everyday objects, and uses block printing on fabric, a technique Jim was first introduced to as a student of the Dundee College of Art in Scotland in 1947.

Jim talks about the floor being his printing table, inking the lino block and then standing on the back of the block after it has been placed on the fabric (he uses very big blocks).


Geoff Rushton- Deep in the Wood

1 March -29 April

Geoff sees self primarily as a psychonaut, an explorer of the mind. The sculptures he creates are a physical manifestation of this, crystallized thoughts, snapshots of the constantly shifting processes of the mind. This process works both ways; thoughts influence the physical and the physical influences thought. He finds the interaction fascinating and explore it through his work. Most of his materials are gathered from the fields around his home; wind fallen trees, fieldstones, pebbles and scrap metal from the farmyard. He likes to source them from the surrounding countryside because he's lived in this area his whole life and haa a strong connection with the landscape, this feeds his work.

Dawn Chandler and The Levens Quilters -The Art of Quilting

29 March -7 May

I started producing my `shelflife` paintings in 2007 with each piece having its own theme. I have since then produced a series of sewing related paintings over the years which marry my lifelong love of sewing with my artwork. `The Art of Quilting` was an idea I had for an exhibition that celebrates the two artforms along-side each other, overlapping at times where some of the smaller quilted items are also within the paintings.

An Apprentice’s Journey - Sara Dennis Embroidery

11 April - 20 May

After a career in nursing and the Forces, Sara-Jane gained a degree in Art History and Museum Studies from Lancaster University. She graduated from the RSN Future Tutor programme in 2017 with an Outstanding Acheivement Award. Having led a peripatetic life, she has collected many experiences and influences on her travels. Now settling in Lancaster, she remains drawn towards the ethnic and eclectic.

Sara-Jane has worked on several high-profile RSN commissions: a Nicholas Oakwell Couture evening gown for the GREAT Britain Campaign, 'Magna Carta (An Embroidery)' designed by artist Cornelia Parker for the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the Game of Thrones'Hardhome Embroidery' and Burberry's 'Maker's House', in partnership with The New Craftsmen.

Betty Brown - The Shape of Colour

8 May - 24 June

Betty Brown is an artist living and working in Durham in the north east of England.
She studied art at Chelsea and Camberwell and graduated with a B.A. from Camberwell in 1986.

Betty’s practice is rooted in observation and mark-making. Alongside drawing and painting she also works in textiles and has a longstanding interest in pattern and surface design.