Farfield Mill

Exhibitions 2017

Sedbergh in Pictures Calendar Exhibitions

Wednesday 15th November- 22 December

Cafe Annexe room

An exhibtion of beautiful photographs from around Sedbergh by local photographers many of whom are members of the Facebook Page 'Sedbergh in Pictures'.


Local Artists Exhibition

Thursday 16th November- 22 December

A collection of work from many wonderful local artists and crafts people from Craft Council members and members of the local art collective Green Door.


Mike Prince - North by Northwest

6th -22nd December 2017

An exhibition of photographs from The Lake District to the Hebrides.

Mike lives on the edge of the English Lake District and balances his time between family life and landscape photographs. Despite living and working in such a beautiful part of the world, he is also drawn whenever possible to Scotland. He's in his element in the natural places and enjoys the extremes of weather found in this part of the world. He's not drawn to sunsets or sunny days with blue skies, but likes the high ground and to be away from the busy places. 

"I find a meditative peace in simply being in a quiet place, if I end up with a photograph that is a bonus."

Daniel Cooper

5 October -14 November

Based in Cumbria, UK, acclaimed artist Daniel Cooper responds with highly emotional expressions to the sublime weather in the Lake District National Park and Cumbrian landscape, home to arguably some of the most beautiful views in England. Using charcoal and mixed media, Cooper observes reality imaginatively, and aims to communicate the ever changing moods of the land and skies through personal involvement with the landscape.

Helen Walsh

5 October -14 November

Helen is a Cumbria based artist predominantly working with drawing and textiles but also enjoys experimenting with a wide range of media.


She is passionate about art and about getting people involved in the arts. She is a experienced workshop leader and has worked with many different groups of people.

AccessArt - The Village Project

12th September - 22nd October

The AccessArt Village is a participatory project run by AccessArt, a UK education charity which supports and inspires teaching and learning in the visual arts. The project was supported by Appletons Wools and aimed to inspire individuals of all ages and abilities to contribute a sewn drawing of their home towards a larger, co-created, collaborative artwork. 

The resulting installation of over 700 3D models juxtaposes work by children at the start of their creative lives next to that of accomplished artists and older generations. Whilst highlighting the character and individuality of each piece, the project celebrates the diversity of our audience and reminds us of the universal sanctity of "home".

The exhibition will be touring the UK. Find out more at www.accessart.org.uk/accessartvillage


Re-View Textiles - A Small World

13 September - 29 October

Re-view Textile- a contemporary textile network founded in 2009.

We have made a collection of curious, miniature works. Reminiscent of displayed collections of oddities around the globe, brought back by travelling collectors in the era before the electronic age gave us all a wider taste of the world.

Curiosities include - micro sea-life, beach combing assemblages, a child's dream, a mermaid, bugs, felt flowers, pairs of objects from a nature table, a story of exploitation of natural resources, minutiae of vegetable surfaces, cityscapes.

Artists : Sue Boardman, Janet Wilkinson, Rosey Paul, Yvonne Deegan, Jo Frankel, Viv Netherwood, Judith Railton, Jen Fenner, Catherine Carmyllie, Marion Roberts and Julie Jones- Taylor

Individually Re-View Textile artists exhibit in the UK and abroad. Making work in many sizes using felt, dye, stitch, printing, recycling, weave, technology, assemblage and mixed media.



Angharad Thomas- Hand in Glove with Heritage

7 September- 15 October

Angharad is a designer, researcher and maker. She has been an academic in Art and Design, among many other things, but now divides her time between volunteering in the collection of the Knitting & Crochet Guild of the UK, and working on ‘the Glove Project’.

She has been knitting gloves to ‘traditional’ patterns and inspired by them these since 2011.

She started by knitting ‘traditional’ gloves and then moved on to working out her own designs as she is a knitwear designer by profession.

She can knit a pair in about two weeks and has completed over twenty pairs of various designs, with lots more ideas in store.


Sedbergh Arts Society Annual Exhibtion


29 August - 3 Oct

Come and see Sedbergh Art Society eclectic collection of artwork on exhibit in Weavers Cafe at Farfield Mill.

The Society was established in 1972. It is based in the Cumbrian market town of Sedbergh, nestling at the foot of the Howgill Fells.


The Society welcomes all artists resident within a radius of 15 miles from Sedbergh and has a variety of activities including demonstrations and workshops.

Young designer makers from the Crafts Council

5 August- 1 October

A collective group of exciting new young designer/ makers will be exhibiting their work. More news to follow!

Tom Phillipson Designer Maker

Tom Philipson is a designer and maker of furniture and products from wood. He designs through actual making, and constructs using traditional tools and techniques mixed with experimental processes. Tom lives and works in Ulverston in South Cumbria. He is the son of a silversmith and a fashion designer, and making has always been in his blood.



Beatrix Baker - Artist/Maker

I make playful objects, primarily using steam-bent wood. I am excited by the possibilities that steam-bending offers for creating curved forms and moments of tension. The beauty of wood and the act of transforming this natural material is a driving force behind my work.

Beatrix works with wood from the woodland behind the workshop where she is based in Cumbria in the North of England. Walking through the forest is the best way to select the most appropriate tree for bending. The chosen tree is felled and taken to a saw mill to be cut into planks. The wood is cut into strips and bent when green. This is particularly good for the environment as no energy is wasted in the transport or drying of the wood.

Contact: beatrix.baker@hotmail.co.uk

Charlie Whinney

Charlie Whinney Studio exists to explore the relationships between materials, people and the environment. Projects blur boundaries between fine art, architecture and design, and we make almost everything ourselves.  We work contextually, ecologically, and we like beauty and innovation.

Charlie studied Architecture at Kingston University, Furniture Design at Rycotewood, and 3D Design for Sustainability at Falmouth College of Arts.  He worked as an artistic blacksmith for brother Jos Whinney (1998-1999), and helped at Inflate Design (2002-2005).  In 2006 he co-founded Cornish design company sixixis designing many of the award winning products including the CurlyShade and the GallopyGallopy Bed.  In 2008 Charlie Whinney Associates was formed near Oxford, and in 2010 we moved to a beautiful stone barn in Lake District National Park.


Anne Mackinnon- North and South

4 August -10 September

Anne’s  work has been inspired by her travels round the world and the cities, landscapes and gardens she has visited. In this exhibition ‘North and South’ Anne’s compares and contrasts these different destinations.

She paints in watercolours and mixed media. Her work has been inspired by the  patterns, shapes and repetition to be found in the natural world and she loves to work outside capturing the changing moods, colour and light in these dramatic landscapes

Paisley Panels- Contributions from Embroiderers Guild members and young members from all over Scotland

The Paisley Panels were first displayed in Paisley Town Hall at the Scottish Regional Day in 2016. They are a celebration of the great textile heritage of the town of Paisley; weaving, spinning, dyeing and thread making. Each piece of paisley pattern was contributed by members of the Embroiderers guilds in Scotland. These were gathered together and mounted to create the beautiful final four panels you can see on display here at the Mill.

Durham Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers- Chinese Whispers

17 June – 30 July

This exhibition uses the idea of passing on one idea to the next to generate new and interesting creations. The task was simple enough…..”A completed textile of 30 x 30 cm to fit a frame of 50 x 50 cm, based on a photograph of the preceding piece within 6 weeks –  sending a photograph on to the next volunteer in line” Easy!!

No one was allowed to reveal or discuss their work until April this year.

The guild took as their starting point a beautiful stain glass window from Durham Cathedral. 

The window was designed by Mark Angus and was dedicated on 2nd May 1984. The design is based on the image of the Last Supper – The table (in red) with the apostles (multi-coloured) connects heaven (blue) and earth (green), all surrounded by God (Purple). The glass used was from Hartley Woods of Sunderland.  You will notice there are thirteen frames, which represent the thirteen places at the table and so the journey begins…..

The Embroiderers Guild - Capabilty and Creativity

17 June - 30 July

Just over 300 years after his death, the creativity of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown is finally coming to Cumbria. We will be hosting an exhibition by members of the Embroiderers Guild. The Guild is the national home of stitch and textile art and the international voice for embroidery. Last year it celebrated the 300th anniversary of ‘Capability’s’ birth with a truly magnificent collection of work inspired by the talent of this extraordinary, radical landscape designer.

Alison Scott- A Week in Farfield Mill

26 April -  15 June 2017

What is it that makes Farfield Mill such an intriguing and friendly place? Spend a week there and you will discover that the source if its charm is a shared love of materials, hand-made skills and, in particular, the delight in creation that we all first experienced at primary school. Manchester based artist, Alison Scott, illustrates a colourfully knit community of craft makers, a crazy festival of sheep and a history woven into the people of an area in this happy and quirky collection of paintings and prints. Come along and rediscover your inner eight year old. Find out more about Alison's residency by looking on our website resident artists or http://www.farfieldmill.org/uploads/RTEmagicC_489fe80bf1_e6e8f6.gif.gifclick here.

Tom Phillipson Maker and Designer

8 March 15 June 2017

Tom Philipson is a designer and maker of furniture and products from wood. He designs through actual making, and constructs using traditional tools and techniques mixed with experimental processes.

Tom lives and works in Ulverston in South Cumbria. He is the son of a silversmith and a fashion designer, and making has always been in his blood, on leaving school he completed a four-year apprenticeship in traditional cabinet making, and then went on to study furniture conservation and restoration at university. He then worked in the high-end antiques industry as a restorer for 15 years before becoming increasingly disillusioned with “Faking Things” for a living. Then four years ago, he then put down his tools, picked them up again, and began making instead of faking.In 2014 He was awarded the Acorn bursary from Lakeland Arts after the “Collect Cumbria” exhibition at Blackwell. Then winner of the “Best in Show” award for excellence at The British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. In 2015 he was awarded a place on The Crafts Councils “Hothouse” Talent development programme. And since then has exhibited his work nationally.

Tom’s earlier work which is centred around “Fake articulated legs” was a way of showcasing his technical abilities as a maker through carefully executed detail, and an unusual design. He has then gone on to make work which is truer to his own design tastes, which is more simple in terms of form, but at the same time is executed in his own precise style. His work has also increasingly become centred around the idea of multifunction, in a way to move his practice from the predictable maker’s route to the high-end market, through making work which can be accessible and engaging for all. He developed the Basket/Tray/Stool with Grizedale Arts as part of their “Fairland” show at The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, and is currently exploring ways of using Bamboo as a material for multifunctional products.

Throughout the past four years of making Experimentation has been paramount within Tom’s practice, and his work with wood shavings emphasises this. Through constant testing and experimentation during this time he has managed to create a new material using a seemingly useless bi-product. This material is currently being used in his designs for lighting, but is also being developed for use in more structural projects.




TEXTiles by Textilia 3

Wednesday 8 March - Sunday 23 April 2017

Textilia 3, a well-established group of textile artists based in the north of England, who have exhibited widely in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria exhibited a diverse selection of work.

This encompassed many techniques, from hand and machine stitch, felt, appliqué, dyeing and resists, print and manipulated fabrics and fibres. Abstract, figurative and decorative pieces, 2D, 3D and wearable art.

In this exhibition ‘TEXTiles’ the artists all interpreted the theme in their own way, finding inspiration in aspects of TEXTiles from fonts and typefaces to the colours and patterns of tiles, from myths and legends to storytelling.

Lucienne Day in Cumbria- An illustrated talk with Paula Day

On 23 April Farfield Mill hosted a talk about Lucienne Day who was one of Britain's most influential and best-loved textile designers. Her pioneering 'contemporary' design Calyx for the Festival of Britain in 1951 brought her international acclaim. 

This was part of nationwide Lucienne Day centenary celebrations. Her daughter Paula Day presented an illustrated talk about her mother's life and career, including her love for the landscapes of Cumbria. Lucienne's silk mosaic 'The Howgills' was also on display alongside some examples of her printed textiles.

This free talk took place to coincide with an exhibition of Lucienne’s designs at The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester from April 14th to June 11th.

Celebrating Ceramics

Celebrating Ceramics was lovely exhibition of ceramics from Artists from Cumbria and North Yorkshire. A wide variety of work was on show, ranging from beautiful everyday kitchen items, to stunning decorative wall art. Something for every visitor to enjoy. There was work from John Davenport, Frances Winder, and Jan Huntley Pearce to name but a few, from a group of very talented artists.

Jill Colquhoun

22 January - Sunday 4th March The main emphasis of Jill’s exhibition was vibrancy, pattern, and movement in nature. To achieve this, she used a novel method of combining wax resist batik techniques with acrylic paint. The resulting paintings were unique in style and rich in colour. She also worked in mixed media, using watercolour with other mediums, such as oil pastels, soft pastels, charcoal and inks, to produce contrasting texture and detail in her work. These paintings were inspired by the flower-rich meadows and verges of the Yorkshire Dales.